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Language School
Jutukas Papagoi
Estonia pst.5a, Tallinn
History and mission of the school
Previously, the Jutukas Papagoi was part of Private School Tallinna Erateeninduskool, which is successfully operating on the market of education in Estonia for 17 years. The programs are licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science.

Due to the high demand of language courses, the Jutukas Papagoi school became an independent branch of Tallinna Erateeninduskool.

The programs are developed together with specialists from different spheres (hairdressers, waiters, florists, cooks, etc.).
Therefore, each course provides only a specific vocabulary, without unnecessary information.

You will discover new horizons, and easily improve your career in a short period of time.

The knowledge of languages allows you to develop professionally, travel, participate in internships, get high tips, find new customers, take part in international competitions.
You can never understand one language until you understand at least two. – Geoffrey Willians
We care about students
Only useful information
Specialized courses are focused on spoken language both in everyday and professional life. We only provide vocabulary necessary for you.
Lessons in small groups
You will get as much attention from teachers, as you need to start talking foreign languages.
Comprehensive training
We have a lot of audio and video materials. Therefore, you do not have to buy additional stuff. At the end of the course you will receive dictionaries with specialized lexicon.
Available and necessary vocabulary
The programs are developed in cooperation with specialists of various professions - hairdressers, cooks, bakers, florists, housekeeping personnel. Therefore professional vocabulary is provided.
Millions of people speak English.
Expand your horizons.
Program and directions
428 graduates got a diploma about the completion of language course
The Language School works with specialized vocabulary in various fields. Students get what they need most
790 students passed the Estonian Language exam
Partner of the Estonian Unemployment Office
Professionals. Enthusiastic and determined.
Galina Lvova
Galina Lvova graduated from St. Petersburg University with a degree Germanist, teacher of English language and literature. Has a master's degree. For more than 30 years she has been teaching both adults and schoolchildren, starting from the zero level. Author of training programs designed for economic, business and accounting specialties. Teaches techniques of negotiation, business correspondence with foreign partners, compilation of summaries and cover letters.
Finds an individual approach to each student.
Olga Teterez
Master of Linguistics, professional translator. Teacher-andragog in the 6th category. Has been teaching English since she was in university and now overcame the psychological threshold of the 12 years in the profession. Graduated from the Estonian School of Diplomacy, an expert in international relations and European integration, a public figure and a person with an active civil position. Thanks to the professionalism of Olga, your appointments with English language will become warm and friendly. You will be fluent in English.
Veera Efremova
Her experience is more that 50 years, supreme teacher of Estonian and Russian languages. In 1966 she graduated from Tartu University, in Russian language and literature, and 30 years later she received a second linguistic education at the Tallinn Pedagogical Institute, becoming a certified teacher of the Estonian language. She knows how to train even those who consider themselves not able to study languages or resisting from it. The oldest employee of our school, has been working in Tallinna Erateeninduskool since 1999.
Liya Hokkanen
Master of andragogy of the Tallinn Pedagogical University, teacher-andragog in the 6th category. Author of methodical and educational programs. Has 15 years of management experience in Estonian educational institutions. Teacher of the Finnish language. Active participant of international pedagogical conferences. Member of the Estonian Attestation Commission. "Tegus algus!" Project Coordinator.
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