English conversation club
Communicate freely!
English conversation club means
Speaking practice
Regular communication in English will significantly raise the level of your language.
Breaking the language barrier
The facilitators of the club will help you forget about feeling shy already in the first lesson, and will carry you away with the conversation so that after 45 minutes you will want more.
As you listen to the other participants, you will get used to different pronunciations, accents and dialects.
Exciting adventure
Only interesting topics, selected in accordance with your preferences.
Native speakers with teaching experience
No awkward pauses during the conversation, since all the hosts of our club have experience of working with people of different ages and levels of English.
Think in English
The absence of your mother tongue during the club's meetings will help you to immerse yourself in the English-speaking environment as much as possible and teach to think in the language of the interlocutor.
How does it work?
Fill out the form and pay for participation. Students that are studying in our school can participate in the club's meetings for free.
A few days before the meeting, you will receive useful materials prepared by the host.
1 step - getting to know each other
2 step - discussion
3 step - conclusion
After the meeting, you will receive a recording of the lesson to help you analyze your speech.
How much?
Students of our school can participate in the club's meetings for free.
5 tickets
Who are the hosts?
All club moderators are native English speakers with teaching experience.
Jason Dunning
Jason is from the small city of Northampton, Massachusetts and has been living in Tallinn for over 20 years. From teaching English at Rocca al Maare and VHS to private classes, the cruise industry, bars and night clubs, restaurants to hotel management, he has been interacting with people from all over the world through English. The goal is helping others with expanding their abilities through fun conversations about almost any topic out there.
Dan Franch
Originally from the US, Dan Franch has been helping non-native English users improve their speaking and writing skils for 20+ years. Currently, he works as a language coach and copywriter/editor. Having lived in and/or traveled in 50+ countries, he brings plenty of life experiences to his work. The following degrees and certifications add to those experiences:
● Master's Degree, Educational and Counseling Psychology
● Bachelor's Degree, English
● Coaching Certification (ICF)
● English / ESL Teaching Certification
Jon-Paul Barr
Jon-Paul Barr was born in England to British and Irish parents. In addition to living in the United Kingdom, he has resided in both Cyprus and Estonia. His post-secondary degree is in Graphic Design from the Larnaca Dianellios Technical College. He also holds a TOFEL credential. He has taught English to adult students at Keeltekeskus Kaja OÜ and to preteens and young teens at MyEdu Education Club, as well as being a private tutor for English in Tallinn.
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Topic: Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all
Host: Jason Dunning
26th of July, Monday | 13:00 –14:00
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