25.02.2019 — 01.05.2019
English Language (general + specialised)
Lecturer: Olga Teterez - Philological Education (MA), Estonian School of Diplomacy, translator.
Teaching experience is 12 years.
This program meets the requirements for levels B1-B2, which were established by the European Language Commission. Prior to enrolling the course, students speak English on a basic level. The level of knowledge of the language is determined on the basis of the entrance test before training begins.

To consolidate and develop the skills of spoken and written English. During the lessons, students have maximum opportunities for language practice.

At the end of the training the student:
- speaks the language at a level that allows him independently cope in an English-speaking environment;
- reads and understands texts in English;
- knows the grammar and has enough vocabulary necessary for work and communication.

Educational process:

The necessary skills - such as: reading, writing, understanding of a language and knowing the language structures - are acquired in the course of studying various topics and are fixed by practical exercises in the process of communication.

At the end of the training the student knows:
Alphabet. Noun: plural and possesive form, types, countable/ uncountable. Pronoun: personal, possesive, relative, demonstrative, reflexive. Prepositions: place, time, direction, agent, instrument. Prepositional phrases. Verb: Present Simple and Present Continuous, Past Simple and Past Continuous, Present Perfect and Past Perfect Future Simple, Future Going to. Auxiliary verbs: to be, to have and to do. Infinite, Gerund, Participle. Phrasal Verbs. Types of questions: general, alternative, special and disjunctive, short answers. Adverb, formation of the adverb, types of adverbs: manner, place, frequency, time. Direct and Indirect Speech. Revision test.

Course duration: 120 academic hours.
Cost: 1200 euro
Address: Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia pst.5a, 5th floor
For more info: +372 54 555 888

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