About us
Jutukas Papagoi is an atmospheric language school located in the heart of the downtown. We will help you discover new horizons, and easily improve your career in a short period of time.

The programs are licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science and are developed together with specialists from different areas (hairdressers, waiters, florists, cooks, etc.). Therefore, each course provides only a specific vocabulary, without unnecessary information.

Learning languages with us is easy, interesting and fast! Sign up for a free lesson and see for yourself.

All courses are led by experienced teachers, which allows you to fully master the language and makes your learning as comfortable and effective as possible.
Olga Teterez
English course
Master of Linguistics, professional translator. Teacher-andragog in the 6th category. Has been teaching English since she was in university and now overcame the psychological threshold of the 12 years in the profession. Graduated from the Estonian School of Diplomacy, an expert in international relations and European integration, a public figure and a person with an active civil position. Thanks to the professionalism of Olga, your appointments with English language will become warm and friendly.
Vera Efremova
Estonian and Russian course
Her experience is more that 50 years, supreme teacher of Estonian and Russian languages. In 1966 she graduated from Tartu University, in Russian language and literature, and 30 years later she received a second linguistic education at the Tallinn Pedagogical Institute, becoming a certified teacher of the Estonian language. She knows how to train even those who consider themselves not able to study languages or resisting from it.
Tatjana Ivanova
Russian course
Philologist - specialist in Russian, teacher of Russian as a foreign language (RFL) with knowledge of English. Has many years of successful experience of working with foreign language students from around the world at universities in Russia and other countries. The author of textbooks and articles, a certified TORFL tester, loves his job, knows how to create a pleasant atmosphere in the classroom and interest students.

Jаson Dunning
Conversation club
Jason is from the small city of Northampton, Massachusetts and has been living in Tallinn for over 20 years. From teaching English at Rocca al Maare and VHS to private classes, the cruise industry, bars and night clubs, restaurants to hotel management, he has been interacting with people from all over the world through English. The goal is helping others with expanding their abilities through fun conversations about almost any topic out there.
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