06.05 — 23.08.2019
Finnish Language A1-A2 (general + specialized)
Lecturer: Liya Hokkanen - Master of Andragogy of the Tallinn Pedagogical University, pedagogue andragog of the 6th category. Author of methodical and educational programs.

The Finnish language course for people working in hospitality, tourism and public catering spheres; special attention is paid to topics and vocabulary related to customer service.

Course Description
This program meets the requirements for levels A1-A2, which were established by the European Language Commission.

The course is for beginners, no preliminary preparation is required.

Purpose of the course:
Give knowledge of the Finnish Language, both oral and written. Students have maximum opportunities to consolidate the knowledge gained during practical classes in the class.

At the end of the course the student:
- achieves the level of language proficiency, which allows one to orientate himself in the language environment;
- can read and understand texts in Finnish Language;
- able to perform work tasks that require knowledge of the Finnish Language and continue learning in this language;
- has the necessary vocabulary for work and knowledge of grammar.

Course duration: 120 academic hours.
Cost: 1200 euro
Address: Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia pst.5a, 5th floor
For more info: +372 54 555 888

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